Monday, March 26, 2012

i love cakes

Ari Sanders aka The White Version of Me.. my bff for a month. It was all about that white girl, that green blob, and that liquid sunshine.. chaos died down when I drove her puppy to West Palm, FL and we had a falling out. I rode west into the sunset on horseback never to be heard from again..


Stay up Chica Rica. You have my love and prayers. 


  1. Hi Sunny! You'll never guess who this is... it's LEN (your old dj/bboy pal). I randomly thought of you, then Google'd you, and here you are!

    I only remember a few things about you, and your last name was one of them. I think it was because we attended your high school grad, and I cheered when I heard your name. I think you used to drive a Ford too? You were also the coolest girl ever. You had such a great personality.

    The funniest thing I remember is when you came over for a quick scratching lesson. We wrestled a little bit, and I kept thinking about how beautiful you were. Of course, I never had a chance to let you know cause I had a girlfriend at the time.

    Anyways, I hope you're doing great. As for me, after Sac I moved to SF for 3 yrs., then Las Vegas for 2 yrs., then Roseville for 1 yr., and now I live in San Jose. I'm a web developer/janitor now! YAY*

    Hopefully, someday we'll cross paths again, and I can buy you a piece of coconut cream pie. My favorite* Bye!

  2. Yeah Len the superhuman..err.. (android?).. everything you touch turns to gold. Thanks for the huge compliment, coming from the most talented, kind and level-headed individuals I have ever met, it means the stars to me. On my way to Tent City should prove an epic experience. Ive never had coconut cream pie..